Mr. Gaurav Bardiya

Mr. Gaurav Bardiya, born on 19th June 1983; is a self reliant and disciplined individual who has been guided by his father’s principles and energized by his own personal ambitions to add aspects of glory and success in the repertoire of Bardiya Group. Mr. Gaurav takes pride in belonging to a family of successful leaders and has carved out an indelible repute for himself in this lineage.

After, his preliminary education at Jaipur, Mr. Gaurav went on to attain his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Bradford, U.K. The exposure of global business practices and lifestyles added new perspectives in his persona. He has been associated with Bardiya Group’s state of affairs since 2004. Mr. Gaurav has been avidly following the footsteps of his illustrious father, seeking guidance from him when required. Mr. Gaurav Bardiya’s contribution to the group has earned him the respect of his peers and fellow counterparts. Over the years he has created a niche of his own and has greatly magnified the vision of the group.

He has played a catalyzing role in maintaining the leadership position for the group in the Real Estate sector and his endeavors will soon see the group make its mark in the realms of Hospitality as well. Delegated by the group for the vital function of formulating Strategies, Marketing Policies, Legal affairs and Liaison activities his contribution to the group has been towards strengthening its core. In addition to the aforesaid key responsibilities, Mr. Gaurav also attends to the general management of the group and structures the affairs of the group companies adding the aspects of proactive approach and standardized practices.

Mr. Vikas Bardiya

Born on December 19th 1985, Mr. Vikas Bardiya is the youngest amongst the Directors of Bardiya group. Though being the youngest, his understanding for business and his inherent talent to capitalizing on opportunities makes him a true scion of the Bardiya family of successful businessmen.

Armed and empowered with a management degree from Regent Business School, Leicester, he joined the Bardiya Group in 2006. Ever since his active association with the group and its corporate affairs, Mr. Vikas has helped the company in achieving new pinnacles in the active business domains. Mr. Vikas has been playing a vital role in structuring the expansion plans for the group and has been avidly involved in forthcoming the real estate and hospitality projects presented by the group.

His self-appointed aim is to establish vitalize the group and its endeavors towards establishing a leading position in the construction and mining industry. He has been entrusted with the vital function of formulating technical strategies of Construction and Mining industry specifically, in addition to general management and affairs.

Mr. Vikas Bardiya is continuously researching and formalizing novel and innovative Mining technologies. Keeping the overall interests of the group well in sight, he synchronizes the same to achieve the organizational goal.

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