Mr. Rajendra K. Bardiya

Born on 16th September 1956, Mr. Rajendra Kumar Bardiya, the founder and chairman of Bardiya Group, has been a creative thinker right from the start and has played a visionary role in getting the group to achieve its major milestones over the years. His futuristic ideas have always propelled the group to set out and achieve acclaimed feats. His farsightedness has not only made him the leading light of various businesses but has also played a key role in creating modern infrastructure for the city. It is his motivated perseverance, sincere efforts, devotion that supplements his service to society at large.

Mr. Bardiya’s illustrious story began with the real estate business in the year 1980. The Bardiya Group was at its initial phase of inception. The real estate endeavors gave Mr. Bardiya the courage to get into the Gemstones business. The Gemstones wing of the Bardiya Group dealt in all kinds of Precious and Semi Precious gemstones. Mr. Bardiya acquired the know-how of heat treatment plants and went on to purchase equipment to establish techniques for redefining diamond tools and reconstruction of stones of multiple colors.

In the early 1990’s when most of the commercial and retail activities were carried out within the vicinity of the walled city in Jaipur, Mr. Bardiya, realized the opportunity of decentralization of the city’s retail trade and moved ahead to establish “GAURAV TOWER”. The city’s first and one of its kind shopping mall back then. With the introduction of Gaurav Tower, Jaipur proudly stepped into the urban domain and the advent immensely contributed to the growth of Jaipur. Though back then critics were skeptical about the success of this venture but Mr. Bardiya’s willpower, adherence and prudence made this venture to be one of the finest success story of the city and today GT serves as one of the most popular landmarks of Jaipur. The success story doesn’t end just here. With the passage of time Mr. Bardiya focused on exploring new business opportunities and his vision drove him to enter the mining sector, which unfolded yet another chapter of success in the history of Bardiya Group.

Mr. Rajendra Kumar Bardiya is a long-term planner and believes in creating businesses that may be owned by the family but administered on the lines of professional management principles. After lending his sweat and soul to the company Mr. Bardiya initiated his sons, Gaurav and Vikas Bardiya to join the business but not before they attained the individual Degree in Management from the eminent business schools in Leicester and London respectively.

Mr. Bardiya is highly regarded in the society and is associated with many organizations of Social and Business sectors like The Builders Association, the Jewelers Associations, the Jain International Trade Organization, the Rotary Club, Anuvibha etc. He firmly believes that “Quality is never a realization that happens out of chance much rather it is the result of high integrity, sincere efforts, intelligent decision making, innovation and skillful execution.

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